Catch Wrestling Problems

By Jon Strickland head coach of American Hook Wrestling


1. Catch Wrestling was hurt early on in the modern era by dishonest folks.

2. A few CACC practitioners cross train because they assume it makes them better. Maybe it’s their wrestling to start with that should improve? Lots of variables here but at least this tend appears to be closer to honest than dishonest claims, though dishonest claims still exist in this group as well. Quick go learn another art because you’re losing! I could talk on this for days.

3. CACC, Catch As Catch Can, tried to grow too quickly and thus making a bad choice in how to grow it. Aka you can’t learn this today or this weekend. There’s too much strip mall / puppy mill type of thinking here.

4. My favorite - why do we need to be more popular? A majority doesn’t equate truth or fact. That’s not how truth is measured. I’m sorry but Bass Fishing by a local high school team is more popular. The argument for...

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No Gi Judo with Juan Rodriguez

Discussing No Gi Judo with Judo Black Belt Champ Juan Rodriquez. Check out the new video course here:

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