7 things I learned from Catch Wrestling


Hi! I’m Cindy and I’ve been taking catch wrestling classes with Coach Raul for about a year now at UCLA and Fight Science. I’ve also trained at several Jiu Jitsu gyms like Pedigo Daisy Fresh, Caio Terra Academy, and now 10th Planet Headquarters. I started with BJJ, then transitioned to catch wrestling (if we’re being honest, it was because of my work schedule) and it has improved my performance in BJJ exponentially! Here are 7 of the most important things I’ve learned from my experience in catch wrestling:


1. Its okay to be vulnerable

In BJJ, I’ve always heard that to give up your back is a sin. Although it is an opportunity for the opponent to gain 4 points (if we’re going by IBJJF rules), it is not the end of the round and it certainly is no reason to throw the match. 

 In catch wrestling, it is rather the opposite: it is a sin to put your back to the mat because it’s a pin. I’ve found this to be applicable in...

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