A Proper CACC Match

By Jon Strickland


A proper CACC match back in the day between two equally skilled, sized guys is going to be a more micro match than today's amateur styles. Let me back up, parts of that match will be very micro and to today's collegiate guys, its going to look a lot more like stalling.

The two combatants will determine the match overall than a ref or rule book. It's more of a grappling on the mat in tight spaces match than on the feet. If a man locks hands on bottom its going to be up to the other wrestler to change this if he doesn't like it. The takedown was only important back then if it lead to submission or pin. In fact it's very unlikely the match will be won on the feet. Rather it's going to look more like Jiu Jitsu on the mat than the limited very limited mat wrestling we see today.

Techniques were developed for the early moments but also, if not more, the long game match. Meaning some moves will work better later in a match where the athletes are not near as...

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