The most authentic British and American Catch Wrestling lineages in ONE program!

Two ways to learn: CWA Academy and CWA Academy Intensive!

All The Tools You Need To Become a Catch Wrestler and Coach

Progressive learning: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced lessons!

Access to our members only community where you can get your questions answered and get exclusive videos!

CWA Academy Intensive members get a monthly online coaching session where you can discuss strategy, techniques, coaching, strength and conditioning and more!


We have helped improve the sucess of Wrestlers, Grapplers, Jiujitsu players and MMA fighters. Authentic Catch Wrestling is for you! See what our students are saying!

"Raul will help you grow. He is one of the most technical, and detailed practitioners of TRUE catch wrestling. His teaching is top notch, his friendly attitude and attentiveness will have you moving along with the lesson even if you've never done combat martial arts before. He has a vast wealth of experience in multiple disciplines which allows him to give you the most practical and realistic solution. I am better submission grappler because of Coach Raul."

Manny S.
USA Judo Black Belt

"As a Tae Kwon Do instructor while I've always excelled at teaching stand up (as most of my teachers are also former boxers) the one area I've always been lacking in is grappling and submissions. With Catch Wrestling Alliance I've been able to learn the fundamentals of Catch Wrestling with their easy to follow online courses. Coach Ramirez even added a Sanda course which is perfect for my students. He also takes the time to find out each students needs and goals personally and caters his content to that. It's truly a once in a lifetime experience that I think anyone interested in furthering their education should take advantage of."

Tali Harrell
TKD Coach

"As a wrestler who spends a considerable amount of time researching and training, Catch Wrestling Alliance Academy has been an incredible addition to my training. Clear and in-depth instruction which covers not only the technique itself, but the proper applications of the techniques during a match. These are important pieces of knowledge which separate catch wrestling apart as a combative grappling system. I would highly recommend CWA Academy for any martial artist of any skill level looking for a serious edge in grappling or fighting."

Kasey P.
Self Defense Instructor

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